Yes, we use coupons to save money. Yes, we all feel very happy when we get discounts on items using coupons. Yes, coupon can affect our purchase decisions. It can make us buy an item that is not part of our list. What about the downsides of using coupons on our everyday purchases. Most times we are carried away with that excitement of a discount on an item. Of saving money that we forget the other aspect of using coupons that make us tie down our money on items that we do not need immediately and buying things that we do not really need, just because we will get one free item if we purchase another item.

And going from store to store to see if we can get items that match our coupon. Putting us under pressure to use a coupon before it expires, even when we do not have a need for that item that matches the coupon. So what are the disadvantages of using coupons? The following are the downsides of using a coupon-


At times we are forced to use a coupon before it expires even when we do not need that item that is matched to the coupon. We might need that product in the future, but the coupon can no longer be used because it would have expired. We see ourselves buying products we do not need just because we have a coupon for that item and also not being able to use that coupon when we really need it, just because the coupon ahs expired.

TYING DOWN YOUR CASH : When we buy items we do not really need just because we have coupons for them, we are tying down our cash which would have been channeled to other use.

A LOT OF TIME IS SPENT IN COLLECTING COUPONS : When we buy items we do not really need just because we have coupons for them, we are tying down our cash which would have been channeled to other use.Coupon collection takes up a lot of our time. Time is usually spent visiting coupon websites, sorting through them to locate the ones that can be matched to the items we want. This time can be also be used for other activities if less time is spent on collecting coupons

MOST COUPONS ARE USED FOR PROCESSED FOOD ITEMS : A Lot of people are beginning to eat healthy these days. Most of these coupons used for grocery are mainly for processed food and not for healthier food like dairy. We all know that too much of processed food is not good for our health.

MORE TIME IS SPENT IN PLANNING SHOPPING ACTIVITIES USING COUPONS : If you are a coupon addict, a lot of time is usually spent in collecting and matching these coupons and planning shopping activities involving the use of coupons. Also, you have to spend some time in locating the stores you plan to use these coupons. This can take up to a week or two to plan.

LOOKING FOR LOCATIONS TO USE THESE COUPONS : At times we have to locate different stores in order to utilize our coupons. This is usually not a smart thing to do. Since we have to spend more time and also spend money transporting ourselves to these stores.

ACCEPTING STORE CARDS JUST TO USE A COUPON : Accepting a store card just to Get a new Telly cheaper! discount off an item or total purchase is not a smart thing to do. This can affect your credit card balance in a negative way.

REWARDS FROM STORES : Stores usually entice customers into spending up to a certain amount of money in order for customers to enjoy some discounts using their coupons. This encourages the customer to spend more money. But it is fine if the customer really needs to spend up to that amount.

BUY-ONE-GET ONE FREE OFFERS : Most times we do not have a need for these items, the main purchase and the free one. But because we have a coupon that allows us to buy an item and get another free, we are most tempted to go for it. If you do not need these items, do not buy them. Don’t waste your money.

SPENDING OFF THE MONEY SAVED FROM USING COUPON : We do save money from using coupons to make purchases, but do these savings actually stay with us? At times, we end up spending these savings trying to give ourselves a treat. At the end, we have not really saved any money, but have only wasted our precious time and energy.

COUPONING CAN BE STRESSFULL AND ADDICTIVE : Some people are extreme couponers. They become addicted to coupons and begin to stockpile and hoard items they don’t really need just because they are free or cheap. This is not a good habit.

NOT KNOWING THE RULES : You have to have a good knowledge on how to use coupon in order to get the best bargain out of it.

COUPONING ENCOURAGES STOCKPILING : When you become so addicted to coupons, you will discover that you have lots of items stockpiled and taking up space in your house. You see yourself having up to 40 brands of same product which you can’t use up before they expire. You don’t really need all that.

COUPONING NEED ORGANIZATIONAL SKILL : You need to have the organizational skill, time and energy to find, collect and match coupons.

LOSING STORE LOYALTY : Coupons encourage you to shop at different stores in order for you to maximize the benefits from these coupons. In the process, you lose loyalty to your favourite store.

COUPONS CAUSE YOU TO WASTE PAPER AND INK : Most times these coupons are photocopied from the Sunday paper where most of the paper coupons are advertised. You have to print out so many coupons from a number of the Sunday newspaper just to have multiples of these coupons. These coupons have to be photocopied clearly to make the print highly legible. A lot of paper and ink is wasted in the process.